Working From Home Career

Working From Home Career

To most people, a working from home career is a very lucrative proposition.

It gives you the right balance between your work and your personal life. Even many companies are realising the importance of keeping their employees in total peace and calm to get the optimum output from them.

So they are also opting for the maximum possible flexibility in the workplace.

You get to enjoy all the advantages of being at home, while also being very much a part of the company’s regular workforce.

The option has its overwhelming advantages. But the pitfalls are also very important and must be considered with proper weight-age before you decide to change your way of working and living.

Advantages of Working From Home

  • If you choose a working from home career, you save a great deal every month on costs of commuting from the office and back home, maintaining a decent wardrobe round the year, arrangement of domestic help and childcare options for the kids at home or at care centres.
  • You must also take into consideration the hassles of commuting on a daily basis either in your own vehicle, in pooled vehicles or by public transport. With the physical and emotional draining out being brought about by this daily exercise, your productivity is bound to fall, and so is your quality of output.
  • Working from home provides you with the greatest advantage of total flexibility in such attributes like work timings, environment, mood, lighting. You can work in a space and at a time that you know, is going to make you the most productive and creative.
  • In the absence of various distractions that often exist in conventional offices, your output is definitely going to be better in quantity and quality.
  • If the mom in you gets to work from home, and she can be mentally at complete peace that she herself can be close to her young ones and can be there as and when they require her attention, she is the happiest and hence, the most productive and the best in the entire workforce. The same applies to the son or daughter in you, who is in constant worry about an ailing and aged parent or grandparent at home.
  • The stress of running to office everyday during rush hours, reaching in time can be trying on your health as well. Of course, a person with stress disorders cannot be the best asset for the company.

Disadvantages of Working from Home

  • Your home can also be a centre of too many distractions. At office, at least everyone has the basic responsibility of meeting the deadline, and so, each of them tries to keep the jokes and laughter and leg pulling acts to the minimum. But at home, those members who are not concerned about your deadline or doesn’t know much about office decorum, can be real pains by distracting you at every stage.
  • Working alone can also develop a sense of isolation and loneliness in you. You may miss your colleagues and the constant direct interaction with your peers and your boss.
  • If you work from home, your home becomes your office, and vice versa, and it is now very difficult to separate the two spaces.
  • With no competition from the surrounding co-workers, you may develop a sense of working without any pressure, which boils down to the fact that you may be working without end.

Working from home is a good option if you are dedicated and have absolute self control, motivation and the discipline required.

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